Top 5 reason to have professional hair and makeup done for your portraits.


I know you may have a certain style.  You might even have this contouring thing down pat. Maybe you’re like me and barely use make up at all, saving it for special occasions.

But when it comes to your portrait session (contemporary, glamour, or somewhere in between), having a professional do the work for you is important for many reasons:

1)      Your make up won’t cover flaws the way a professional can.  You’re makeup is great for everyday use because the human eye blurs what it sees and has seen repeatedly.  So the brain automatically gives you that “soft veil” look to our memory. Photographs aren’t so forgiving in that same respect.  A professional has special makeup and techniques specifically for portraits to blend away imperfections.

2)      Guys need photo make up too!  Anyone who’s worked in theater knows hair and makeup enhances your character.  The same goes for your portrait session. We want to give you a smooth look while bringing out your chiseled good looks.

3)      Their work helps enhance my post production editing.  So the same makeup the artist put on for you makes that light, airy, feminine portrait we did in a field of flowers can still work for that darker, edgier look of you in your sports uniform.

4)      The hair style you get can easily transform from one look to the next. You might start with a sweeping up do that with a pull of some bobby pins now makes you look like a country super star.

5)      The better your hair and makeup is, the less time is spent digitally editing out any remaining imperfections.  Which means you get your portraits back faster for your viewing/ordering session?  And who can wait to see the finished images?  I know I can’t and I’m the one taking them! 

So there you have it. The top 5 reasons you need a hair and makeup done for your portrait session.  

A Professional Hair and Makeup session is included with your creative fee when you book your sessions with me.  If you are interested in learning more about how you can book your session, please visit my website  or you can visit my Facebook page  or follow me on Instagram, melissachallisphotography.