The power of the printed image.

" heart felt things my mind can't put words to."  Danielle P. describing this image on her wall. 

" heart felt things my mind can't put words to."  Danielle P. describing this image on her wall. 


In this busy world of ours, it's easy to let life pass us by. But sometimes we need to take a moment and enjoy the things around us. 

This is where portraits on your walls at home come into play.

And here's a great example of the power of the printed image that Danielle P. graciously let me share with you.

'We all have those pictures in our house that hold memories that are so dear to you it's beyond words... but all too often we walk by them and don't really even acknowledge them... they've become part of our decor and aren't always appreciated for their true worth... well in the process of cleaning and "putsing" around my house today I stopped and looked at one... really looked at it... and my heart felt things my mind can't put words to. My little girl, now a high school graduate! How did that happen so fast? I love this little beauty with everything I have, and while I would give anything to have one more day with her as that little girl, the young woman she has become makes me so proud! My wish for her is to always keep the strength and determination she has to achieve all the great things she is capable of! Jada, you have made us all so proud of the person you are!!!'

I have always encouraged people to print their photos. From the snap shots on your phone to the portraits created by professionals like me.  Don't let your images be wasted in digital form on some CD sitting in a drawer.  Let them be printed for all to enjoy every day.

Melissa Challis is a portrait photographer in Green Bay, WI.  She loves to create stylized portraits for women of all ages. She also loves her husband and her 3 furbabies.